Fastest WordPress with CyberPanel on OpenLiteSpeed

Cyberpanel is a next generation web hosting control panel based purely on OpenLiteSpeed webserver. Built for speed, security, and reliability. It also comes with FTP, DNS, Email, Firewall, FileManager, MySQL, automatic SSL and all this for free.

Why OpenLiteSpeed?

  • High performance, event-driven architecture.
  • Super light-weight, minimal CPU and memory footprint.
  • Apache-compatible rewrite rules.
  • Also comes with User-friendly WebAdmin GUI for technical users.
  • OpenLitespeed PHP suExec also proved to be faster than php-fpm.
  • Cache. (Plugins also available for most popular CMS)

Why CyberPanel?

CyberPanel is GUI based control panel to control your hosting environment and start hosting your websites in easy to use manner. Built by keeping in mind the ease of use, and making sure things are not complex and easy to understand. Let see some of the features: