How To Install WordPress With EasyEngine on Nginx (Effortlessly)

Install WordPress with EasyEngine on Ubuntu 18.04 for a high traffic website!

EasyEngine (ee) is a command line tool (script) for the Nginx web servers to effortlessly manage WordPress sites that are running on the LEMP Stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP-FPM).

EasyEngine is both – free and open source, developed in PHP language and uses Docker for all operations. It can be installed on Ubuntu and Linux Debian distributions.

Quick Setup

Using SSH client login to your server with username and password. Just paste following commands in your shell to setup EasyEngine on your vps/server and making your site live.

  • First command installs EasyEngine on your server.
  • Second command installs necessary stack and creates Single WordPress Site with domain
# install easyengine
wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee 

# install wordpress on
sudo ee site create --wp 

To view your site in browser just point your domain to server.

Installing WordPress + Nginx Server (Minimal Configuration)


Complete Setup

Install WordPress, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Redis & deps

Let’s Encrypt

HTTPS with wildcard and auto-renewal support

For WordPress

WordPress object & full-page cache support

Easy Updates

Run ee cli update for new features & fixes


Power of Docker, without the complexity


Every WordPress site uses native cron

Developer Friendly


Intercept email in dev env to debugging

Mac Support

Use same env locally as your production server

Admin Tools

PhpMyAdmin, Redis web viewer & more


Easy to extend using composer packages


Every WordPress site has WP-CLI by default


EasyEngine uses MIT license. More power to you!